Daniela Sneppova
"Sega ****"
A collaborative multi-media performance by Core starring Sega Man-Deirdre Logue and the Pointer Sisters - Daniela Sneppova and Kim Truchan. The Art Gallery of Windsor, 1996

"Sega Fuck" takes the viewer down the electronic highway to look at the notion of the gaming body. As the Pointer Sisters enact pursuits of the hunt familiar to us from video games, Sega Man becomes more engrossed in the pursuits of masturbatory pleasure until the allure of obsessive self examination (achieved by Sega Man continuously scanning his/her body with a pinhole camera the images from which are simultaneously projected larger than life on one of the gallery walls) leads him/her back to the body. A body which, even in death (Sega Man is shot during a slow motion shoot out between the Pointer Sisters) cannot be defined as merely corporeal.