Daniela Sneppova
"DOAI" {Death of an Image}
Prague, Czech Republic in 1996, collaboration with Kim Truchan

Based on the 1853 text Kytice by Karel Jaromír Erben, this performance simulates a murder mystery.

five performers:
authority (Martina Pachmanova) wearing long red gloves leans over a balcony to speculate on the details of the crime.

mediation (SEG) wearing uniform has stopped in to lend a hand.

simulation (Sneppova), a media junkie who has speakers mounted to her chest and is constantly stealing evidence so she may live the crime she wishes she had committed,

memory (Truchan), who uses various devices such as the monitor which is mounted to her head in an attempt to remember the crime she may have committed.

Each of the five characters determined in their actions respond but do not interact with each other. They create a strange, islolated alternate community. One is followed while another character is being documented.
A work revolving around issues of representation with both historical and contemporary concepts of identity, experiences of gender and theories of memory.