Daniela Sneppova
experimental documentary, 16mm, 8mm, video, 21 min. 2009
Daniela Sneppova – Producer, Director, Editor. Jacek Studzienny – Director of Photography. Andrei Gravel – Camera Operator. Steven Gordon Marsh – Sound Recordist. Sarah Lightbody – Production Assistant. Ludek Snepp – interview subject

A document exploring the nature of obsessive collecting. The subject, Ludek Snepp was an accomplished novelist (12 published books) in Czechoslovakia, before being forced from his home by the Soviet Invasion of 1968. He was granted political refugee status in Canada, where he became a manual labourer, while still attempting to write late into the night. Along the way he discovered rummage sales and garage sales and deep discount stores, where he would go hunting for bargains. The camera explores the subject’s vast collection of shoes, clothes, tools, books, and knick-knacks in order to understand the experience of loss, obsession and dislocation.
Utilizing a variety of moving image formats, the project also explores our expectations and understanding of super8, 16mm and video.